Add and remove songs to your iPod as if it was an USB stick


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SharePod is a great piece of software which will be really useful for those users who own an iPod.

If you want to add and remove songs from your iPod and you do not want to synchronize it with your PC, you need SharePod.

From now on and thanks to SharePod, you will be able to copy music and videos between your iPod and computers usually without having to install anything on the computer. It is very easy to use. You only have to download SharePod and extract the contents of the zip file to your iPod drive. After that, your iPod will appear as a Removable Drive in My Computer when it is plugged in.

You can also create Winamp playlists from the music on your iPod. Furthermore if you share the iPod drive on a network, other users can run your copy of SharePod from their own computers and download music directly from your iPod. It's fantastic. You’ll have your multimedia player on the go.

Finally we should highlight that all this is done throughout a beautiful and intuitive interface with drag&drop features and that the program is run directly from your iPod, so you do not need to install anything in the computer you are using.
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